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Autechre – 100 Tickets Released
Nov 2015 21

Autechre – 100 Tickets Released

Electric Brixton

Tickets: £22.50 Advance, 25 late

Times: 10pm - 6am

When Warp Records are mentioned, Autechre’s name soon follows. Sean Booth and Rob Brown’s music has constantly evolved, and has remained challenging, influential and original since the project’s inception. They spearheaded the growth of IDM’s popularity in the UK alongside the likes of Aphex Twin and their legacy has continued to grow throughout the years.

Their live show is an assault, plunging their crowds into darkness and letting sound burst through rooms. They blend the dark with the light, abrasive bass with lush electronica; an Autechre show leaves its mark, and it has to be experienced.

Also playing on the night will be Objekt, the platform for TJ Hertz’s structurally rich sound design and forward thinking take on techno. Powell’s mangled brand of electronica, Russell Haswell’s exploration in noise and Rob Hall’s abstract experimentation complete a mouth-watering lineup for fans of the forward thinking, experimental music that Autechre has had such a profound affect on.

Electric Brixton’s all-nighter on November 21st is one that has to be experienced. A night dedicated to the left of centre, music that pushes the boundaries of what is possible and
a rare chance to see the legendary Autechre live.

‘As Autechre, Sean Booth and Rob Brown have produced some of the best electronic music of the past 20 years.’ – BBC

‘Rob Brown and Sean Booth are among electronic music’s most important yet elusive characters’


‘Even their most fearsome records have a striking beauty and weird compulsive listenability that few of their contemporaries could match.’

– Pitchfork

‘Everything from glittering beatless ambience to impossibly complex rhythmic work’

– The Quietus

‘Autechre’s vision offers a glistening set of intergalactic transmissions that are unreplicatable and evocative.’

– Drowned In Sound

‘TJ Hertz twists and flips conventional techno tropes, coming up with constantly morphing soundscapes that take full advantage of electronic music’s sonic spectrum.’

– Pitchfork

‘Powell belongs to a very small pool of dance artists whose music is a style in itself.’

– Resident Advisor

‘Haswell’s output is confrontational, it is dislocating, it jolts us out of our complacency, and, consequently, it is highly enjoyable.’

– The Quietus

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