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DJ Marky + dBridge + Dub Phizix
Apr 2014 04

DJ Marky + dBridge + Dub Phizix

Village Underground

Tickets: £12.50 Early Birds, 15.50 Advance

Times: 11pm - 4am


On the 4th April 2014, Soundcrash will host a night of Drum and Bass featuring past and future legends DJ Marky, dBridge, Dub Phizix, Strategy, SP:MC and Stamina MC at Village Underground. Expect to hear everything from DnB & Jungle classics right through to the darker, new school sounds of Dub Phizix & Strategy. All three of these artists are known for pushing the boundaries with their music & style, making this a night that will surely be one to remember!

DJ Marky has gone from being an avid record collector and music fan in his home country of Brazil, to being one of the worlds most respected and valued DJs and producers. His accessible and soulful DnB has been a staple in a large number of peoples music collections for the past two decades. His Influences are broad and eclectic ranging from Hip-Hop and Funk to Techno, which he artistically incorporates into his music creating a sound that is impossible not to dance to. DJ Marky is still at the top of his game and is showing no signs of slowing down!

A veteran producer and one of the most experienced artists in Drum & Bass, Darren White aka dBridge is an artist whose multiple transformations and evolutions glide through a staggering list of achievements. From his days as one of the three members of Bad Company, who took the Drum & Bass scene by storm with anthems such as ‘The Nine’ and ‘Planet Dust’, to 2003 when he began Exit records which has gone on to become one of the UK’s most forward thinking and original DnB labels. Its safe to say that, although dBridge has already achieved legendary status, there’s still more to come!

Dub Phizix dominated the scene with the unforgettable tune ‘Marka’  with strategy and skeptical in 2011, Nudging DnB in a new direction, one that married dancehall like rhythms with Strategy’s unintelligible but potent Rhymes. Dub Phizix has released music on high profile labels such as Exit Records, Critical, Soul:R, Commercial Suicide and dispatch to name a few. It seems its rare hear a DnB set these days that doesn’t feature one of his tracks!

This show is guaranteed to be a sell out, don’t sleep on it!


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