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Hejira – The Lima Limo Ceremony EP showcase
Mar 2017 20

Hejira – The Lima Limo Ceremony EP showcase


Tickets: £5-7.50

Times: 7-10pm

Soundcrash presents…


The Lima Limo Ceremony EP showcase

support DJ Yonatan (Sheba Sounds)

March 20th


Early birds sold out £7.50 tickets now available

 Hejira bring their well-travelled fusion of classical, folk, rock, jazz and neo-soul to Arschpace for a special showcase

Meaning “flight or journey to a more desirable place” in Arabic, Hejira is a neo soul band whose eclectic mix of genres can be explained by the diversity of their lineup, comprising as they do an Ethiopian, a part-Chilean, a part-German and a part-Hungarian.

Their latest EP, The Lima Limo Ceremony is based around the band’s Ethiopian spiritual journey early last year where they made deep connections with each other and the country around them. The musical result of this pilgrimage is an EP that spans genres and emotions, giving us a glimpse into the diversity of culture and musical expressions they came across.

With their nuanced exploration of genres, this night promises to be filled with interesting twists and turns that the musically adventurous can’t miss

Dj Yonatan is part of Sheba Sounds, an Ethiopian musical collective

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