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Jeremy Ellis
Mar 2018 21

Jeremy Ellis


Tickets: £9-12

Times: 7.30-11.00

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Where man and machine collide in innovation and technique

California-based Jeremy Ellis is a legend in his own rite. Add-on his history with The Roots and you have yourself an absolute figurehead in the world of beatmaking. Often improvised, Ellis is an unmatched creator of warped beats and a constant influencer for any user of the MPC. His live performances are eye-watering and erratic, leaving you struggling to keep up, but you will try, take our word for it.

Brought up in Detroit on marching bands, pianos, and church choirs, Ellis reaped a wealth of classical music knowledge from a young age. By the time he was in High School, the Detroit electronic music scene burst into life, fueling Ellis to delve into jazz, funk and electronic fusion. He hasn’t looked back since.

Now, Ellis fuses his extraordinary skills as a keyboardist with his excellent command of technology and electronic music to deliver funked out, intricate electronic tracks on drum machines with razor-sharp precision. His inventive tracks are awash with polyrhythms, wooshing vocals and sharp keys that will make you think of palm tree laden beach sunshine as you dance through the night.

Jeremy Ellis: so fast you can’t see his hands moving.” – Ask Audio

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