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Jungle Brothers
May 2018 25

Jungle Brothers

Electric Brixton

Tickets: £16.50 - £20.50

Times: 10:30pm - 6:30am

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Jungle Brothers’ journey to the status of hip hop legends started in the late 80s in New York. Their first album Straight out the Jungle became a masterpiece of the genre and it is still considered as a column of cutting edge sound. By assembling the Native Tongues collective (listing A Tribe Called Quest and De La Soul as members), they used their strong lyrics and groovy beats to put a raw but positive spotlight on the socio-political issues of their times, which are still terribly current.  

The iconic crew built up its legendary status by mixing jazz, heavy hip hop beats and house music, consolidating themselves through a brave and groundbreaking approach to beats production of the urban scene. Their performances are fuelled by an undeniable charisma and energy, which brings their historic tracks alive each time.

This rare event is not to be missed and the American legends are surely going to deliver a powerful and groovy performance spanning with their 30 years of success. The night will also see the turntablist DJ Yoda to take over the stage with his creative mixing style that brings together tracks from different times and genres.   


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