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Niels Broos
Mar 2019 28

Niels Broos


On sale 1 PM Monday

Revered Keys player and producer Niels Broos is taking over Corsica Studios for one very special evening of dazzling Jazz, glitchy percussion and deep electronic tones. In recent times, Broos has become one of the most important Dutch instigators of an urgent movement that finds the common grounds of Hip Hop, Electronics and Jazz. Known for his work with the Kyteman Orchestra, he also forms a central link in the works of Binkbeats and Jameszoo with whom he collaborated on his latest Brainfeeder album and EP.  

The ‘best keyboard player in the Netherlands’ (Duiveltje, 2009) is distinguished by his deep tones on Electric Pianos and Synths, with a breeding ground of openness and adventure, in which the influences John Coltrane, J Dilla and Flying Lotus can be heard. In an alliance with soulful timbres and laid-back beats, his authenticity excels.

On the live stage, Niels Broos’ astounding ability as a Jazz keys player becomes immediately obvious, as he delivers blisteringly fast melodic lines whilst simultaneously producing rich, warm chords beneath. Couple this, with the electronic textures of his varied synth sounds and sporadic beats, the result makes for one of the most pioneering sounds in both the Jazz and Electronic scene.


This one is unmissable for fans of Floating Points, Flying Lotus and Daedalus.

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