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Plaid & Felix’s Machines (Live) – Unique 3D Visual Show
Mar 2018 09

Plaid & Felix’s Machines (Live) – Unique 3D Visual Show

Oval Space

Tickets: £15.50 - 17.50

Times: 10pm - 4am

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A multi-sensory music experience

In 2009, Plaid worked with Felix to create an original show with music written specifically for the machines. Since then, the collaboration has grown alongside Felix’s solo development of the machines, helping guide the physical configuration towards a more immersive live show experience.

The Plaid and Felix’s Machines show brings together live music and performance art in a mind blowingly innovative fashion. At Oval Space, expect a unique mixture of natural amplification and audio processing synchronised with hypnotic patterns of light and movement.

Joining Plaid is an incredible line up consisting of Luke Vibert, µ Ziq and Bochum Welt. This is a one-off opportunity to catch this monumental night of cutting edge, leftfield electronics.

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