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Soundcrash Alldayer Live Art Auction
Jun 2012 12

Soundcrash Alldayer Live Art Auction

Soundcrash are holding a graffiti auction in aid of MacMillan Cancer Support.

This unique collection of paintings were drawn live at the Soundcrash All Dayer at the Oval Space, to the chilled out vibes of Ruby Wood, Mt. Wolf and Anchorsong. The canvasses were not only donated for a fantastic cause – MacMillan Cancer Support – but have the authenticity of being created live at a memorable event.

Here are some flicks of the artists at work on the day, interviews with Sri and Keshone, and links to all 4 eBay auctions, or just click on the  images to be taken to their respective auctions.

The rain didn’t faze all the Bank Holiday partygoers at the Soundcrash All Dayer last weekend! A relaxing afternoon in the Oval Space warehouse kicked off with the mesmerising sounds of Ruby and the Vines and Talk in Colour.

The first few spectators milling around looked on as graffiti writers Keshone and Mark Akien sketched out their visions and launched in chucking vibrant colour at canvas.

As Ruby and the Vines took the stage, Candy Lo sat chilling on a sofa near the back of the room with her canvas, and delicately painted an image of a windswept green beauty. She says; “It was great to be involved, to paint whilst listening to great tunes! The vocals of Talk in Colour inspired me to do the green lady, the music was upbeat and so I decided to go for a drawing of a girl in high spirits.”

Sri rocked up as the room began to fill out, and as the growing audience swayed to the echoing, soft voice of Ruby Wood, she put pencil to paper.

Talking to Sri McKinnon;

SoundcrashHQ: Give us a little background on yourself as an artist… why do you enjoy what you do?

Sri: I’ve been drawing for as long as I can remember and it’s always been something I’ve really enjoyed doing. Despite a hiatus of a few years after leaving school, I picked it up again after college and haven’t looked back since! It’s been interesting to see how the global graffiti, street art and illustration scenes have evolved and cross-pollinated in the last decade or so, and its always inspiring to keep an eye out for progressive concepts, project ideas and collaborations.

SCHQ: Why were you keen to do the event, were there any artists in particular you wanted to see?

Sri: I was interested in being involved in the event because by donating my canvas to MacMillan, it was a way of contributing to charity and giving something back. I think it’s an important initiative and one I’m pleased I was able to contribute to.

SCHQ: Your painting is beautiful and totally unique – where did you get the idea for it? Does your art have any musical influences?

Sri: I enjoy exploring indigenous, tribal and folk art and I think this particular painting was inspired by native American Indian culture; feathers, birds, antlers, patterns etc! In terms of musical influences in my artwork, I enjoy the psychedelic album art of the sixties and seventies and am a big fan of graffiti art and true school Hip Hop culture.

SCHQ: You spent the day at the Oval Space warehouse, what did you think of the event? 

Sri: I enjoyed it – it’s a great space! There’s plenty of room and it has a lot of potential to realise many more exciting audio/visual ideas and events! Thanks for having me.

SCHQ: What’s next?

Sri: I’m working on developing my current range of art prints and products, and looking forward to holding another solo exhibition by the end of the year. Watch this space!

Talking to Keshone;

SoundcrashHQ: Give us a little background on yourself as an artist… why do you enjoy what you do?

Keshone: I first got into graffiti at school when I was 14. There was a group of guys in the year above me that were really into the scene at the time, I think that’s what fuelled my ambition to go out and try it myself, and since then I’ve been hooked. Through graffiti I started to explore new mediums and that’s how I got into graphic design and illustration.

SCHQ: Why were you keen to do the event?

K: I love to paint, so when an opportunity comes along I can’t turn it down.

SCHQ: Were there any artists in particular you wanted to see?

K: DJ Vadim, Trojan Sound System.

SCHQ: Where did you get the idea for the image?

K: I usually paint letters, but because there wasn’t room to paint to this size I thought it would be a challenge to paint a photorealistic type painting. 

The auction begins now – go to eBay through the relevant links to bid, or click on the pictures!

The first piece, by the talented Paul Kemp aka Keshone, is a stunning, spray-painted image of a woman.

Keshone’s website – eBay auction

Graffiti writer Mark Akien went out of his comfort zone to create this sick Rasta painting, influenced by the headliner of the day – Trojan Sound System.

Mark’s website – eBay auction

Seated on a cushion, and purely with brushes and paint, Candy Lo crafted a small but striking canvas in her distinctive Manga-influenced style.

Candy Lo’s website – eBay auction

Sri McKinnon is an incredibly talented artist and illustrator, and using bold, brave paint strokes with a little help from a spray can, she created this beautiful canvas.

Sri’s website – eBay auction

Give generously and grab yourself a unique souvenir of the unforgettable Soundcrash Bank Holiday Weekend!

For more flicks –  http://in-reach.co.uk/

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